Cashless tips
made simple and convenient with your phone

tippie is a digital tipping service that allows customers to conveniently and securely tip their favourite stuff member via QR code or tip-per-link.

The quick and easy way to tip
How it works:

No app, no registration - just scan the QR code

Scan the QR code and select the employee or team.

Select the amount or enter your own amount

The fees are transparently presented on the payment page.

Pay and give Google review

Digital tips go directly to the recipient’s bank account, tax-free.

Receive a cashless tips

Completely tax free

Install tippie app for the employees

and manage your tips

Transfer money to your bank account

…or save it for your dreams

Tip-per-Link -
the alternative to the QR code

You can also integrate tippie-link on your website, in billing or confirmation emails and give your customers an easier opportunity to leave a tip.

Why employers
love tippie

Become a more attractive workplace and retain staff better

Directly to the recipient

These tips do not count as business revenue

No more tip Recordkeeping

Separate tips from business turnover

Less stress

No more tipping-related headaches managing staff tips

Pooling option

Option for easy tip distribution within a staff team on a percentage basis, by amount or by hours worked

More Google reviews

From satisfied customers

Motivated employees

More tips, more happy employees

No setup fee

and no ongoing costs

Easy setup

just in few minutes


Die 6,5% Gebühren werden transparent auf der Zahlungsseite dargestellt.

Saubere Trennung

der Trinkgelder vom Umsatz

Weniger Stress

und Zeitaufwand für die Verwaltung von Trinkgeldern

Pooling Option

Möglichkeit, das Trinkgeld im Team prozentual, nach Beträgen oder gearbeiteten Stunden zu verteilen

Mehr Google-Bewertungen

 von zufriedenen Kunden

Motivierte Mitarbeiter

Mehr Trinkgeld mehr zufriedene Mitarbeiter

Null Einrichtungskosten

und keine laufende Gebühren

Einfache Einrichtung

in wenigen Minuten

Why employees love tippie

Almost 5000 employees in over 500 shops already trust us.

Receive up to 30% more tips

Digital tips can be paid in addition to cash tips

Customers typically leave larger tips when paying by card

Quick overview of tips received in the app

Quick overview of tips received in the app

Receive your tips tax-free and direct to your account

It has never been so easy and fair
to receive a tip!

Over 96% of customers cover tippie’s service fee

No setup fee

No ongoing costs

No app required

tippie is free for businesses to use

tippie is perfect for service-intensive businesses!

The customer has no cash? No problem! With tippie, all service employees can conveniently and securely accept tips without cash.










Our partner network: Together we are stronger

We are the leading provider in Europe for cashless tip payments via QR code. Already in over 500 shops trust us the employees

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tippie can also provide marketing materials with your company logo free of charge.

Setting up a tippie account takes just a few minutes.

The success stories of digital tipping

Simple and secure digital tipping.

Whether in the hairdressing salon, restaurant or housekeeping - tippie makes it possible.