Easy and safe way to give cashless tips with

Free for business

Tax-free for employees

Easy and safe way to give cashless tips with <br>QR-Code
Easy and safe way to give cashless tips with <br>QR-Code
Intuitive and convenient way to leave tip
Zero costs
Zero costs
No set -up cost or ongoing fees? — tippie is free for you!
Up to30% more tips
Up to30% more tips
Almost half of guests do not have cash with them and therefor can not leave the tip
Less admin work
Less admin work
No more headache of managing tips paid with credit cards
Competitive advantage
Competitive advantage
Due to better conditions for staff. Higher loyalty of employess and less turnover
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How it works
Advantages for employees

Receive up to 30% more tips

  • Complementary to all other tipping methods
  • Don’t wait till the pay day to get your tips
  • Smart pre-set of lager tips
  • Receive tips within a shot time into your bank account
  • Safe from tax deduction
  • Get personal rating
  • View of total earned tips
  • Personalize own screen

More than 80% of customers pay transactions pee

Great for all service-intensive businesses
Advantages for employers

Get rid of the headache managing staff tips

Differentiate yourself from the competition and find staff faster

  • Quick and easy setup of the platform
  • Easy plattform customization
  • Collection of internal feedback and employee reviews
  • Monitor staff performance via customer feedback
  • Motivate your team and reduce admin work
Advantages for employers
No start up fee. No subscription fees. No App needed

Test first 3 months absolutely for free

  • Get free marketing materials for more tipping opportunities
  • Our commission is only 5% on tips payed with tippie
Our support
  • Free onboarding of management and staff in just 30 minutes
  • Adaptation and customization of platform in the style of the venue
  • Support of users in case of technical questions
  • Design of customized merchandising with your personal QR code
  • Point of Sale integration
  • Payroll integration
  • For Businesses
  • For Employees
  • For Customers
Why should I go for it?

Guests use less cash for paying services and card payments are increasing. Without cash it’s getting harder to thank your staff for a brilliant service. Tippie provides an attractive solution for all businesses that accept tips. It offers a safe and convenient way to tip your employees directly. The tip amount will be sent immediately to the employee, and you will get rid of the headache of administering card tips and will also avoid tax and commissions on card tips.

You can monitor your employee’s performance through the ratings and customers’ reviews.

Creating a transparent tipping system will allow you to be an attractive employer, motivate your staff because of higher tips und reduce turnover of staff.

… and it’s absolutely free for you!

How does it work?

It’s quick and simple! When the customer scans the unique QR-Code or clicks the link he is taken to our responsive website, where he can pay you a tip with Apple Pay, Google Pay or by entering his credit card. He also has an opportunity to leave feedback.

The tip is paid immediately to the employee’s tippie account, from where it can be paid out to his bank account on a weekly basis.

How does it work legally?

You can only use tippie to collect money that is freely given to your service workers. You can’t use it to collect money in exchange for services or goods (i.e., selling something)

Tippie operates as a commercial agent to our tipped worker users. We agree a contract with each of them to collect tips on their behalf.

According to the TSE, there is no obligation to provide evidence and record. (https://www.bundesfinanzministerium.de/Content/DE/FAQ/2020-02-18-steuergerechtigkeit-belegpflicht.html)

How can I track the tips, ratings and reviews that receive my employees?

As a business owner your will receive access to an administration account where you will see all the tips, ratings and reviews the customers are giving to your employees.

You can use this information to train low performing employees and identify top performers for promotion.

How do I start with Tippie?

Very simple – the on-boarding takes place in 3 steps

  • Click here to fill out a request information form and we will contact you to agree on the date of a meeting (remote or in person)
  • We will remotely arrange everything required
  • We will configure the platform on-site, familiarize your staff and provide necessary marketing materials

No extra hardware or apps are required. You have no installation costs.

My Point-of-Sale system already allows tipping on credit cards. What is the benefit of using Tippie?

Tippie will relief you and your administration from the task to re-allocate again the received tips to the staff. Money received by tippie will go directly to the corresponding service worker.

You also pay no transaction fees on the tips received from credit cards.

What kind of businesses can use Tippie?

All employees involved in services industry will benefit using tippie and earn more tips.

Waiters, barmen, hairdressers, delivery guys, concierge, taxi drivers – everyone who receives tips can sign up to tippie.

Why should I use Tippie and not just accept cash tips? (and not to persuade them to "cash pay only")

Almost a half of the guests don’t have or have just a little cash on them. Make it convenient to leave the tip and they will gladly leave it. People are willing to spend more when using cashless payments.

Moreover, smart buttons allow to preset higher tips. You will get up to 30% more tips due to convenience and user experience.

Tippie is well tested and proven!

What are your charges?

First three months are absolutely free for you. You can perfectly try out our system and enjoy higher tips. From the fourth month transaction fee of 5% will be automatically deducted from the amount. No other monthly fees, commissions or subscription fees.

Good news is that more than 80% of customers choose to pay the fees for you.

For businesses tippie is completely free.

Do I have to pay tax on my tips?

In most cases our understanding is that tippie tips work just like cash tips, because it’s money you have received directly as a tip without an employer’s involvement. However we are not tax advisors and you should better consult a professional tax advisor.

However, under Paragraph 3(51) of the Income Tax Law (Einkommensteuergesetz, EStG), the legislature exempts such gratuities which, on the occasion of a work performance, provide the employee (including The Managing Director of GmbH and close relatives employed for remuneration), by third parties voluntarily, without any legal claim to them, and in addition to his salary (BFH judgment of 18.06.2015, BStBl. II 2016 p. 751).

The tax exemption has been in force since 01.01.2002 without any limit on the amount. (Source: Datev Client Info, “Correct handling of tips”, p. 2)

How do I know if someone has tipped me?

You will receive a SMS message when a tip was paid and is on the way to your account. In your tippie account you also see the amount of total received tips.

Your personal information is absolutely secure – we protect it through SSL technology.

Can I customise my tipping page?

Yes, you may include an image, a small bio or a small text about yourself, e.g., you can tell your customers what you are saving your tips for.

Your employer can also choose which icons to include in the feedback section.

How long it takes to create a Tippie account?

It’s a matter of few minutes to enter your personal data and create your personal QR-Code.

Your account will be approved immediately!

Is the payment secure?

It’s completely secure! All payments are handled by payment processing provider Stripe. No card data is stored. Tippie never stores your payment information, and we will not share any of your data unless you explicitly elect to allow this.

You can find out more info in our privacy policy or here: https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe.

Do I have to download the app or create an account?

No, you can simply tip by scanning one of the unique QR-Codes using your phone camera.

How do I know that my tip went directly to the appropriate person?

Tippie operates as a commercial agent to our tipped worker users. We agree a contract with each of them to collect tips on their behalf.

Your tip goes directly to the service worker whose QR-Code you scanned. He will receive a notification about the payment on the way.

Leave your contact detalis to get more detailed information